Christine Daverio, Lcsw -  Child, Adolescent and Adult Mental Health Therapist
Need to Navigate Change-Feel Happier-Discover Peace?
People seeking counseling:
All want to be happier--have good relationships- provide the best for their children--adjust to new experiences, work more productively,--learn ways to cope with incredibly strong feelings , and  find more goodness in themselves and others.
 We all have inner resources and much more inner strength than we acknowledge .  Counseling helps to find these inner resources, allowing for compassion and the  freedom to create new possibilities
As a therapist with 20 years experience I help my clients facilitate the change they are seeking.
My way of working is  practical and client centered.
          Depression/anxiety with kids, teens and adults
Couple counseling
Grief and Loss Counseling
Children and Teen issues
Work related stress
Emotional Regulation-mood disorders
Transition issues esp. re: moves, illness and divorce
Office: 16000 Bothell Everett Hwy #166
              Mill Creek, Wa. 98012
Most Insurance accepted
I can be reached by email: